26th January 2016

Donor IUI (intrauterine insemination).

This service is suitable for couples where there is a male factor fertility issue, where there is a genetic problem or where the male partner has had a previous vasectomy, for same sex couples where there is no male partner and for single women. It is not necessary to travel abroad for treatment with donor sperm. Donor sperm is imported from Denmark, following rigorous screening to strict EU standards and a quarantine period. Donor characteristics are matched to those of the recipients. Treatments are done at Morehampton Fertility Clinic with a comparable if not better success rate than recorded at European and British levels.

Ultrasound scanning.

Ultrasound scanning is done by one of our doctors. It can be done to determine the date of ovulation and as such is useful for the timing of treatments, it may also be used for those who require some help with timing of intercourse in order to become pregnant at home. Scanning is also used for diagnostic purposes, for example in determining the presence of an ovarian cyst. A scan done early in a menstrual cycle can determine the number of antral follicles present, this information is helpful in gauging a woman’s ovarian reserve, and thereby the status of her fertility. Women who are travelling abroad for treatment may choose to have their scans done at our clinic.

Medical Screening.

Our doctors provide fertility medicals for people attending our clinic for treatment, for people trying to get pregnant at home and for those who plan to travel abroad for treatment. Many women and couples attend for assessment of their fertility status or for advice on some aspect of their fertility.

Blood Tests.

There are many blood tests that can be used as indicators of ovulation and all are available at our clinic.

Other tests such as those which check for tubal patency (that fallopian tubes are not blocked) can be arranged through our clinic at a local hospital.


Counselling is available for couples and individuals. The role of counselling is often misunderstood and many people believe that it is only necessary where a problem exists, whereas, this is not the case at all. Clients who have seen one of our counsellors frequently report that having had their questions and queries answered confidentially, by someone not directly involved in their treatment has allayed many fears and worries.

Different types of counselling are offered by our counsellors according to the needs of the individual. Most commonly people attend looking for information about services that are available at home and abroad. Our counsellors keep up to date with all relevant information on availability of treatments, prices, and success rates and have excellent working relationships with clinics at home and abroad which they are happy to furnish to clients, they will also facilitate referrals, when requested.

Many clients will wish to discuss aspects of treatment or of their or their partner’s fertility issues which the counsellor will be happy to do in complete confidence. For those small number of people for whom having fertility treatment is particularly difficult or for those who have other related problems, perhaps within their relationship or with regard to some past experience, ongoing or therapeutic counselling is available as required.

Ultrasound scanning, medical screening, blood tests and counselling, are available as individual services, or may be availed of in combination for those travelling abroad for treatment; this is commonly termed Satellite Monitoring.