Price List

26th January 2016

Intrauterine insemination (including one scan) €550
2nd treatment within the same cycle €350
Donor sperm €550
Initial consultations to include medical and counselling, blood tests
to include EU profile bloods and blood grouping, scans and matching
and ordering of donor sperm. €450

Medical consultation €120
Counselling Fees First visit (One and half hours) €100
Subsequent visit € 80
Scans First scan in cycle €110
Subsequent scan in cycle € 90

AMH €120

Most blood tests cost €40 each, however, if you are attending for several tests at the same time the cost per test will be considerably lower. Some specialised tests may be required for individuals and the costs will vary, however you will be informed in advance of the costs of any tests ordered for you.
All tests and procedures are tax recoverable. A limited number of health insurance policies may cover some or all of your tests.

Please note payment for all services is made in advance, a fee of €50 will be charged for all appointment non-shows and for late cancellations.